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CCS is one of the nations leading information technology companies.  CCS has an outstanding national reputation as experts in delivering technology solutions that drive e-business.  Our focus gives us strategic experience in multiple e-business infrastructure technologies such as thin client browsers, n-tier Web application servers, powerful back end databases and all the best of breed connectivity, design and management tools needed to integrate scalable, reliable and user friendly solutions.  CCS is expert at integrating these technologies correctly with your company’s existing business systems effectively creating for you a more powerful information management infrastructure.

To be effective in today’s e-business environment; an organization must have a strong information backbone.  Giving your clients, users, strategic partners and suppliers online access to your products and services, and empowering your employee’s with a greater knowledge base is critical.  Equally critical is the technology partner you select to guide you in your technology decisions. 

The mission of CCS is to provide our clients with dominant market building results by effectively creating for you today’s best e-business solutions.  We consistently deliver on time and on budget, cost-effective business solutions custom tailored to our clients requirements – whether our clients are in industry, government, or non-profit markets.  We specialize in strategic systems planning, full life-cycle software development, project management and software implementation and network infrastructure services.  Our staff consists of some of industries most brilliant and experienced project management and technology talent.

We have extensive expertise in leading information technology solutions and always focus on maximum productivity through “best of breed” development tools.  We operate under long-term strategic partnerships with industry and technological leaders such as Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase, Ultimate Software, Epicor and others.

Key to our development strategy is working closely with our clients as a trusted technology advisor, never being trapped by any one-technology solution.  We believe in developing solutions strategically matched to your specific needs and goals. 

We analyze, design, develop, and deliver solutions with a dynamically focused team of our most experienced and talented professionals.  Each of us are highly trained, experienced and educated.  We are dedicated to excellence and understand the importance of working closely with your key staff to help you more effectively accomplish your own strategic company mission.  Working this way we transcend shifts in technology, giving your organization a competitive edge today, and a solid foundation for sustaining your competitive advantage as future technology inevitably changes.

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